Arpico Insurance Mobile App

Dear Valued Customer,

Arpico Insurance PLC has been recognized as one of the fast moving insurance companies in the industry by placing exuberant records in recent past. Hence in order to keep in line with the tremendous competitiveness of the insurance business world an attractive user friendly facility has been design in view of generating more customer service and satisfaction. It has been made easy an available for our valued customers to make access to their insurance policy details at any time and from anywhere.

Arpico Live Live app is an easy and smooth smart phone app that can be utilized as your personal life insurance adviser witch will help you to give and know the details of life insurance policy.

Key Features:

  • Personal information
  • Policy details
  • Payment history
  • Claim history
  • View pending claim remark
  • Contact information
  • Letter download
  • Notification feature
  • Branch Map

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