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A subsidiary of Richard Pieris & Company PLC, one of the largest and most successful diversified business conglomerates in Sri Lanka with a history of almost 90 years, 50 subsidiary companies and 30,000 employees, Arpico Insurance PLC is a prominent and respected Life Insurance Company incorporated in 2011 and is regulated by the Insurance Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka. With an unwavering commitment to serve with integrity, compassion and professionalism, Arpico Insurance has built a reputation for being the most innovative Insurance Company that offers world-class Insurance solutions ranging from Endowment, Health Insurance, Term Assurance and Education to Retirement, Investment, Group Assurance and Loan Protection among many others.

With industry best practices, cutting-edge technology and innovation at it’s core, Arpico Insurance PLC has been named ‘Most Successful Life Insurance Company in Sri Lanka’ for 2018 and ‘Most Trusted Life Insurance Brand in Sri Lanka’ for 2019 by Global Brands Magazine, ‘Fastest Growing Life Insurance Company in Sri Lanka’ for both 2017 and 2018 and also the ‘Best Life Insurance Company for Innovation in Sri Lanka’ for 2020 by Global Banking & Finance Review Awards.

Driven by a group of dynamic and experienced professionals who relentlessly strive for excellence, Arpico Insurance PLC harbours long standing partnerships with global industry giants such as Munich Re and are constantly expanding their geographical footprint, product & service portfolio and takes pride in being the only Life Insurance company that remains committed to providing Insurance for The Living.

The winner of prestigious International Awards for Trust, Growth, Success, Risk Management, and Innovation in the Life Insurance industry of Sri Lanka.


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